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the vibrant hong kong table


Introducing The Vibrant Hong Kong Table, a culinary journey through the streets of Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis, bringing you 88 iconic dishes with a modern, plant-based twist! Whether you're a seasoned vegan, a curious foodie, or simply love Hong Kong, this cookbook is the perfect harmony of tradition, creativity, and nourishment, painting a kaleidoscope of flavors that pay homage to the heart and soul of this ever-inspiring city!

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unique vegan cookbook

An artful homage transforming 88 classic Hong Kong dishes into vibrant, plant-based masterpieces. Inspired by familial love and childhood memories, Christine Wong reimagines the city's iconic flavors, blending culture with sustainability. Explore Hong Kong's unique heritage through fresh, colorful flavors.

good for the planet

These vegan recipes offer a way to move toward a sustainable plant-based diet without sacrificing flavor. Based on time-tested Hong Kong cooking techniques and flavors, the recipes offer everything from easy, nourishing weeknight dinners to preparing foods enjoyed during festivals and banquets,

a tour of hong kong

Filled with beautiful and evocative food photography by Christine Wong and intimate Hong Kong  images by local photographers, Jeremy Cheung and William Furniss, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table captures all the intoxicating sights, sounds, and nostalgia that the city is famous for.

informative highlights

Mama Wong (Chritine's college besie's mom) shares her tips for choosing the freshest ingredients like daikon and taro, and a home remedy for a sore throat.

"Hong Kong Highlights," included throughout, showcase iconic Hong Kong companies, nostalgic treats, dining etiquette, and more!

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