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workshop testimonials

"he Saturday before Easter I took a dumpling class with @conscious_cooking and a friend. I wanted to cook while watching an expert to make sure I had my dough and technique down! It was so much fun learning new folding techniques. Particularly proud of that shrimp fold at the top. I’m usually a stickler when it comes to following recipes, but what I loved about Christine’s class is that she showed me how you don’t have to follow a cut and dry recipe for dumpling filling. You can let it be more organic and spontaneous than that, based on what you have in your fridge. For this filling I chopped up mushrooms, squash, carrots, ginger, garlic, spinach, red chili paste and some herbs (also, tumeric to naturally color the dough!). I learned the best method is to cook your filling before putting it in the dough to get rid of excess moisture. I also leaned how to pan fry the dumplings to get crispy bottoms!!" - MM

"I took your class on Saturday and loved it! I could hear you well and it was really easy to follow. Thank you for offering classes and giving the proceeds to those in need. " – AP

"Thank you Christine for a wonderful class filled with lots of information and examples. I look forward to following your page on Pinterest and more posts off of IG. I did order your cookbook too! Stay safe, healthy, keep sharing your positive energy and love of cooking. " – JG

"Thank you so much for teaching! Loved the food and fed the kids the marinated veggies and both tried the zoodles. And they ate it! Yeah!! I have healthy food for the week to feed the staggering dinner times - Yeah!!!." – MH


"It was awesome! thanks for organizing. My favorite learnings/moments were about ease, speed, and not wasting food." – RW


"It feels great to have a refrigerator full of fresh, healthy food! And to learn good health while cooking! Christine is a wealth of info and I learned just listening to her." – JG


"I loved the class and have made significant changes to my diet primarily due to you and I feel great! I haven't recreated the recipes. However, I have incorporated many of the major concepts such as zoodles instead of pasta, more whole grains, veggies and nuts. I've also started saving all my scraps and will make stock this weekend. I love the no waste kitchen." – MR

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