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Try a Dan Dan Mushroom filling or Mapo Tofu filling or check out the article I wrote for Best of Vegan, featuring "25+ Delicious Vegan Dumpling Recipes to Celebrate Asian Culture

step-by-step dumpling folds

A basic dumpling fold starts with filling the wrapper and folding it in half, ensuring that the edges are tightly sealed. If using store-bought wrappers, make sure to mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with two teaspoons of water to paint along the edges of the wrapper with your fingertip. This isn't necessary for homemade wrappers. The more dumplings you make, the easier it is!


Pre-recorded dumpling workshop (Duration: 1 hour 7 min)

Learn how to make dumpling wrappers and a versatile vegetable filling. Watch this video at your convenience and cook along with me as many times as you like! 

In this pre-recorded class you'll learn:

  • How to make dumpling wrappers from scratch, plus coloring the dough with simple food ingredients

  • The flexibility of preparing a plant-strong filling based on what you have on hand (incl. leftovers!)

  • A variety of different folds

  • The different ways of cooking them up!



10% of all proceeds will benefit a non-profit in need. Previous donations have been made to Color of Change, Heart of Dinner World Central Kitchen, Plastic Oceans, Welcome to Chinatown, Send Chinatown Love, Asian American Federation, and an organization to #HelpIndia 

Dumplings 101

Dumplings 101

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