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Vibrant Hong Kong Table


I am so excited to share my newest book, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table, which is my love letter to the city that has been home to my family for three generations. This cookbook celebrates iconic and nostalgic dishes from this unique city, all with a plant-based twist for a sustainable future. The recipes encompass a Hongkonger's love for food that is enjoyed at all hours of the day–from early morning dim sum to late night "siu yeh," and from the beloved HK Milk Tea to elaborate festival dishes that are all an intrinsic part of city's heritage

Living Without Plastic

The award-winning documentary "A Plastic Ocean" was an eye-opener for me revealing the urgency of addressing the growing global problem. Inspired to take action, created awareness through social media with #plasticfreefoodie, an e-recipe collection by my food community, raising funds to support environmental organizations such as Plastic Oceans International. Three years later I had the opportunity, and honor, to co-author Living Without Plastic with them!

Living Without Plastic

The Plantiful Plate

The concept behind my first book, The Plantiful Plate, is to showcase that cooking with vegetables can be satisfying, fun, and exciting. The ingredients are presented as  "blueprints," promoting flexibility in cooking and instilling more confidence in home cooks. The mix-and-match approach was inspired by preparing baby foods for my weaning toddlers–who are also the reason I started my culinary journey! 

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