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living without plastic


Embrace a plastic-free lifestyle with more than 100 simple swaps for everything from pens and toothbrushes to disposable bottles and the 5 trillion plastic bags we use, and throw out, every year. Organized into five sections—At Home, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, On the Go, and Special Occasions—Living Without Plastic is a cover-to-cover collection of doable, difference-making solutions, including a 30-Day Plastic Detox Program.

Living Without Plastic


what people are saying

“An eye-opening guide on how to lessen one’s dependence on plastics. The authors make a strong case that consumers can’t recycle their way out of plastic’s deleterious effects on the environment, so a total rethink of habits is necessary. They offer substitutions for almost every type of plastic one can think of—and some plastics that one may not think about at all, such as Scotch tape and chewing gum, in place of which rubber adhesive and cellulose can be used. Among the alternatives are recipes for hair spray, water filters, and watercolors alongside photos of ingredients and creations made from all-natural products... This is a clarion, convincing wake-up call to the scope of the global plastic problem and what readers can do about it.”


AMAZON REVIEWS (4.5  out of 5)

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