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eat local

Not only is eating local food better for the environment by burning less fuel, it’s also better for your health. The produce is more flavorful and contains more nutrients as it has less miles to travel. You’re able to support the local economy and can truly find out about your food, simply by asking the source directly. Local food also supports the Ayurvedic principal of eating seasonal foods. Eating in season fruits and vegetables helps keep your body in sync with the cycles of Nature. Here are a few ways you can eat local:


CSA - Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). A farm offers a certain number of “shares” to the public or local community. one share consists of a selection of seasonal vegetables. Usually you can sign up for a Full Share (weekly), or a Half Share (bi-weekly), for around 22 weeks, depending on the farm. Sometimes other farm products may be available such as eggs, homemade bread, pastured meats, cheese, fruit or lowers. This helps farmers to sell their produce in advance, receiving payment early in the season, which helps with the farm’s cash low, and gives an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow. Advantages for consumers:

• Produce is the freshest you can get, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits.

• Introduction to new vegetables, and new ways of cooking.

• A relationship with the farmer and knowledge of the food source.

To locate a CSA near you, go to:


Farmers Markets / Farmstands - If you are unable to nab a CSA share, then your local

Farmer’s Market or Farm stands are more accessible and equally great! To ind Farmer’s

Markets near you, go to:


Pick-Your-Own - Get the kids involved and go to a farm to pick your own produce! It’s a

great day outdoors and fun for everyone! one usually comes out at the end of the day with

much more than needed, but kids get to see how to use an ingredient for a lot of different

recipes (apples are a great example), which really gives them a hands-on Farm-to-Table

experience! To ind out what is in season, and locate farms that have pick-you-own produce,

go to:


Grow your own - Ultimately, growing your own vegetables is a fun and an incredibly

rewarding experience! Even with a using lower pots to grow a few herbs, (or If you are lucky

enough to have even a little patch of land) the benefits are great. Not only do you reduce your

environmental impact, you save money, waste less food, and enjoy the accomplishment of

nurturing your own nutrients, and with no chemicals and processing! The kids love it too! :)

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