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10-day program testimonials

"Everyone's health could benefit tremendously from this program. With so many fad diets out there, this is truly the best way to eat healthier and feel better without feeling deprived. My allergies have been really bad and I normally have to take 1/2 a benedryl at night to alleviate the discomfort. During the cleanse, I noticed my allergies were not as bad and I was Benedryl-free the entire time (no groggy, grumpy Benedryl hangover). I had great sleep. I always get 8-9 hours a day but during the cleanse I had solid sleep. Usually, I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling asleep right away. Being well rested and getting plenty of exercise makes me calmer and handle stress better...which I love. I also loved the food and the sense of community with the FB page." – JH, Small Business Owner


"This Spring Clean Program made me much more conscious about what I eat and where the food comes from. I also managed to get rid of some bad habits, mostly my craving for chocolates and sweets after lunch and dinner." – LH, Travel Agent


"The biggest take away was establishing a breakfast routine that is healthier and easier than what I was doing pre-cleanse. I started to feel the positive effect the cleanse had on me on Day 11 – I was no longer craving sugar, coffee or carbs once I was "allowed" to have them! Eventually, all three of them have become part of my diet again but I don't eat as much pasta or rice as I used to. I also chew more! Thank you for providing a great learning experience for me. I support what you do and will continue to spread the word." – YH, Primary School Teacher


"I definitely felt lighter, healthier, alert, with no sugar, and no carbs. I was eating a lot more vegetables, and that definitely felt good. My lunch is usually salad everyday, so that didnt change much, except that I would add a little bit of cheese to my salads. Now I can add beans or quinoa as an alternative. I also drink lemon cayenne water everyday since a few years, cause that kick starts my metabolism. So that was good. My snacking stopped :). And that was needed! – AG, Engineer


"The most interesting effect the change in eating has created is that my hunger patterns seem more stable. It's easier to tell when I'm truly hunger vs. just craving something and I stay full longer. I just feel lighter. I also feel more energetic. I felt good about having fully homemade meals all the time. My kids were also eating a lot of what I was making - even though that wasn't the plan! - so I was happy about that" – SG, Graphic Designer

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