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10-day program testimonials

"Even though I am a certified health coach myself, when my life had some unexpected stress, I started falling back into the standard American diet (SAD) and I felt physically and emotionally awful.  I have followed Christine for a year now and when I saw she was doing a plant-based program, I knew this was what I needed to get back to the way of eating and taking care of myself that made me who I am today!  Just two days into the program, I started feeling like myself again. After five days, I started waking up excited and full of energy.  After 10 days, I had dropped five pounds and am back into my full workout routine with renewed vigor! I worked out or ran or walked every day because I FELT like I wanted to!! I tried so many of the program's recipes and love them all. I was never hungry, didn't miss meat and plan to continue with a plant-based diet because it is what my body is telling me it wants!  This program is exactly what I needed, and I plan to continue with Christine's recipes and programs!  Thank you Christine for helping a fellow health coach get her groove back!" – SO, Health Coach


"That was a great experience! Thank you JH, for the suggestion and thank you for the program and delicious recipes. I have not weighed myself, but am basing my experience on how I feel. I feel lighter, more energized, my skin is clearer and I think I am going to make this a lifestyle change. I have been put off by meat for a while now - I think it's the combination of the heat and the more I read about the dangers associated with factory farming and the impact on the environment. Not to get on a soapbox, just personal choices. Thank you for igniting my passion for cooking again Christine - the recipes are delicious and got me out of my rut with my normal menus. I am looking forward to exploring more vegan recipes and new flavors. I have literally been on every "diet" in the world, in a vain effort to look better. This was such a nice change because it wasn't just about looking better but feeling better, which I do. I am going to keep it going!" – HC, Owner/Producer


"I would absolutely recommend this program to family or friends. I learned that food can be delicious without sugar, dairy, meat and condiments that contain them. I learned that I can be satisfied without bread. I also realized how much I relied on caffeine and alcohol to wake me up and calm me down -- and that I can get by without them. The recipes were so delicious. I also really enjoyed the FB page and seeing other people's pics and hearing about their experiences and challenges. That was fun and motivating as were the daily emails." – JH, mom of 3"



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