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Celebrating LIFE – and Plastic-free Icing Sugar

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Glued to the news, I find it so hard to digest that leaders have reacted so slowly to the spread of the Covid-19 and that we have no choice but to stay home for our own safety, for the safety of our loved ones while we watch the world to come to a standstill. Yesterday's news that we should sacrifice lives in order to save the economy is downright insanity.

Thank goodness for NY's level-headed leader Governor Cuomo who said: "My mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. We will not put a dollar figure on human life. We can have a public health strategy that is consistent with an economic one. No one should be talking about social darwinism for the sake of the stock market."

Needless to say, I found a bit of comfort in baking this cake for a photoshoot for my upcoming book, but realized that I didn't have enough confectioner's sugar... but guess what? There was no need to run to the store (not exactly what I would call 'essential', haha.)

It's super quick and easy to make at home with sugar, cornstarch (optional) and a high-speed blender

Depending on how much you need, blend 1 cup of cane sugar with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. The cornstarch isn't necessary if you're using the icing sugar right away, but if you are making a big batch, it helps to prevent the sugar from caking.

I'm so thankful to Shia at Wasteland Rebel who taught me this #plasticfree hack a few years ago. Oh, and the cake is @missmarzipancom's Swedish 'Buttermilk' Layer Cake in case you wanted to know.

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