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Testimonials for Yommme

CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation also on your AMAZING website and all those DELICIOUS recipes you gift us with on Instagram! I'm a fan! I am so thrilled with all that you have achieved and are working on. I'm a total believer that food is one of the biggest, if not the biggest influencer in our lives. Five years ago I had really bad thyroid problems and my immune system was shot and fortunately with my holistic doctor in Italy then I discovered I was terribly allergic to all dairy products and yeast wasn't doing me any good either. Since then I steer clear of it and I've cleared everything up and am also healthier than I've ever been. I often tell people about your website when they ask me if I know any gluten free recipes and I always add that it's not just about a gluten free diet, but healthy eating on all fronts and you're a pro at making great food. Thanks to you on Instagram, I now use chia seeds and am better with protein breakfast intake! Your vegetable lasagna is now one of my family's favorite dishes and we only ever use gluten free flour when baking. Again thank you for all the great food knowledge you share! – Anthinula

• • •

I've come across great recipes in the past, but rarely go back to them if the process was time consuming, or too hard to follow, or that you had to check the details over and over again. Christine’s recipes are easy to follow and the measurements are so simple that you could almost memorize it. The greatest part is that her recipes are healthy and delicious, of course…everything you want in cooking a good, homemade meal! – Tomoyo

• • •

Christine cooks, coaches, and teaches you to cook healthful, nutritious food for you and family. She uses nutritious ingredients to optimize your health without compromising on taste and texture. She has taught me to cook several meals for the week, and I use her recipes regularly. – Tiffany

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